Individual Psychotherapy Services in Puget Sound.


Individual psychotherapy services to talk through life's hurts and hangups in a confidential environment with a licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Kabuye uses an interpersonal approach, which means that she helps you look at your past and present relationships. Therapy is a time to explore and further understand emotional experiences and how you relate to others interpersonally.


Client-centered care. Culturally-competent care for the diverse individual.


Dr. Kabuye works with people from all walks of life and takes a client-centered approach. In other words, therapy is tailored to meet your needs. The therapy relationship is seen as one of the most important parts of your treatment, so feedback is encouraged. Therapy options can be short-term if your stressor is fairly recent or more long-term if you are dealing with a more ongoing or traumatic issue (e.g. relational concerns or self-esteem issues). 




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